T E M P T THE D I V I N E Tempt the Divine
SHE DOESN'T ORDER THE ORDINARY. HER USUAL IS ANYTHING BUT. She doesn't order the ordinary. Her usual is anything but.
Tonight, she desires an earthly delight. Bold enough to command attention. Tonight, she desires an earthly delight. Bold enough to command attention.
Bright enough to light up any room. exquisite enough to tempt the divine. Bright enough to light up any room. Exquisite enough to tempt the divine.

The World's First True Fresh Fig Liqueur

For modern day goddesses who like to tempt the divine, welcome to the home of Esprit De Figues L.M.D.M. The world's first true fresh Fig Liqueur.

Made from Violette de Bordeaux Figs; this sweet liqueuer is created, crafted and bottled in our 150-year-old family distillery located in Burgundy, France.

Perfect for cocktails, nightcaps and divine evenings.

Crafted in France

The origins of Esprit de Figues L.M.D.M begin in a 150-year-old distillery located in the historical territory of Burgundy, France.

Our artisan distillers create the world’s most exquisite French luxury liqueur using the finest techniques.

Rich, succulent handpicked Violette de Bordeaux Figs are carefully infused for 3 months, to release their delicious taste and essence.

Esprit de Figues L.M.D.M is crafted in France and craved everywhere else.

Craved Everywhere Else

All over the world, people have been seduced by Esprit de Figues, and the number continues to grow from Paris, to London, New York and Sydney.

Whether it’s the high elegance of The Ritz in London: the world’s greatest hotel, as conceived by the world’s greatest hotelier. A London landmark, The Ritz London has been home to the great and the good, the intelligentsia, the glitterati and thousands of discerning guests since 1906.

Or the historical Claridges Cocktail Bar: an impeccable selection of rare and exceptional drinks. Their knowledgeable staff source, prepare and serve the stunning selections as they are, or, as cocktails expertly prepared and served within the effortless elegant setting of David Collins’ stunning interior.

The international feel of China Tang: conceived by Sir David Tang, the founder of China Clubs in Hong Kong, Peking and Singapore, as well as the lifestyle brand, "Shanghai Tang", China Tang offers some of the best and most authentic Cantonese food outside China and is now serving Esprit de Figues L.M.D.M.

Or perhaps the visual feast of Mr Fogg’s: the place where you can sip Esprit de Figues L.M.D.M. while being surrounded with hunting rifles, stuffed animals, weathered flags and maps. All right, these are just the imaginary souvenirs of an imaginary traveller, but that doesn’t make the profusion of clutter any less dazzling – or any less fun.

It'd be easy for cocktails to take second place with an interior like this, but at Mr Fogg's the seriously knowledgeable bar staff make sure they're punchy, exciting and altogether sensational. It’s not cheap – this is Mayfair, after all – but for sheer spectacle Mr Fogg's is hard to beat.

Always be sure to ask for the world’s first true fresh Fig Liqueur, Esprit de Figues L.M.D.M.

No matter how far we spread across the globe, we’ll always make sure the divine will be there to tempt you.


Every one of our cocktails has a unique and distinctive esprit or essence.
Just like the modern goddesses that drink them.


Crafted in France


Craved Everywhere Else




Craved Everywhere Else

Esprit de Figues